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Open and Closed Vehicle Shipping to Florida

World-class beaches, affordable housing, no state income tax, and moderate weather; these are a few advantages people enjoy in Florida. If you are moving to this state, you are in for an exciting time. Without your car, however, you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach state quite as much. When you decide to move to Florida, you need to ship your car to help you get around.

You can either hire a truck or contact a professional auto transport company. How do you know which one is the best option? Frankly speaking, shipping a car with a random carrier is not a great idea. You never know what you’re going to get in terms of service, reliability, or cost

A professional Florida auto transport company is a better way to ship your car. eShip transport is the most reliable Florida car transport company; we offer open or enclosed vehicle transport to Florida at an affordable price.

Benefits of Shipping Your Car with Professional Auto Transport Companies

Safety is the biggest concern when you ship a car to another city. Professional auto transport companies provide insurance which ensures your car is covered in the unlikely case of an accident or vehicle damage. With insurance, you will receive the compensation needed to fix any damage.  

Car transport companies strap your car to prevent scratches or dents. At eShip, we make sure this process is done correctly and adequately, minimizing the risk of damage. Professional auto transport companies also take care of your car in a better way than a random car carrier, as shipping cars is what they do for a living. 

You also have the choice of an enclosed car shipping transport service. This is offered by many Florida auto transport companies in the sunshine state, but eShip makes sure your carrier is licensed and bonded to transport your vehicle, regardless of the transport type.

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Top Four Things to Check Before Choosing an Auto Transport Company

Check for Insurance

Insurance is directly related to the safety of your car. During the transportation of your car,  your car will go through jolts and bumps simply due to road conditions. Additionally, the carrier may have an accident. If your car transporting company doesn’t provide insurance, you will not get compensation for any damage. eShip has the best auto transport insurance so that you can stress less!


A car transport company must have a valid license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). A licensed car transport company has to follow the rules and regulations of FMCSA. 


Cost is another factor you need to consider before choosing an auto transport company. Some auto shipping companies charge an outrageous amount for shipping a car, while some offer the lowest price. You should consider an auto transport company that provides a superior car transporting experience at the most affordable price.

Customer Reviews

Reviews help you understand the company’s service. You can get to know if the customers are satisfied with the services they received. eShip Transport has been rated five stars by our previous customers.

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Should You Ship Car Enclosed or Open?

Open Auto Transport

When you choose the open auto transport option, your car will be shipped in an open truck, and it will be subjected to dust, debris, weather, and the elements. Your car will travel on a trailer with other vehicles, saving you money. Open auto transport is less expensive. It’s a better choice if you have a used car, older car, basic model, or just don’t feel you need heightened security and protection for your vehicle. 

Enclosed Auto Transport

In the case of enclosed car transport, your car is shipped in a fully enclosed truck. The transport hauler protects your car from road debris and the elements. This type of car transport offers more protection from scratches and dents due to jolts and accidents. If your vehicle is new, expensive, or an antique piece, we suggest you opt for enclosed auto transport.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car to Florida?

The charges of auto transport depend on various factors. Distance plays a crucial role in determining the cost of vehicle shipping. The more the distance, the higher the charge. The make and model of vehicles is another factor. A large and heavier model will cost you more. Apart from this, the cost of auto transport is higher in the summer season as car transporting companies are busy.

The cost to transport your vehicle to Florida varies a lot between auto transport companies. Most car shipping companies are not transparent with the charges. They might add hidden charges. The best way to avoid it is by getting a free quote. eShip Transport charges what it quotes.

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Is Enclosed Car Shipping Worth It?

Enclosed vehicle shipping costs more than open auto transport. You need to know if it is worth opting for enclosed car shipping to transport your vehicle. Enclosed carriers protect the vehicles from weather, dust, and dirt. It also offers more security and protection than open auto transport and superior insurance protection. You should choose this option for a luxury automobile, unique, antique, or new car.

Can I Send My Car to Florida?

 Yes, you can send your car anywhere in Florida. There are many auto transport companies operating in Florida, but every auto shipping company is not reliable. However, when choosing eShip to reach your destination, you can rest assured that you are sending your car with a trusted, bonded, licensed, and insured company you can trust. 

We ship vehicles across the country and in every part of Florida at a fair price. Be it open or enclosed shipping; we provide door-to-door pickup and delivery everywhere in Florida. Would you like to know the cost of car transport to Florida? Get a free quote with us. Our carriers are ready to handle your car transport from any state like CA, NV, TX or NY to FL car transportation requirements!

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