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Auto Transport for Dummies – Go with the Most Trusted Auto Transport Company

Auto Transport for Dummies

Transporting your car to another city is not easy, especially if you do it for the first time. You have no idea which car transporter will take care of your car’s safety, but at the same time, it is cost-effective as well. 

If you look on the internet, you will see many car shipping companies, and each of them makes tall claims. So, which one to choose? eShip Transport is a trusted name accredited with an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau. Get a fast quote here.

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How Much Will It Cost to Transport My Car to Another City?

The charges of car shipping vary depending on distance and the mode of transport. Moreover, enclosed car shipping costs more than shipping your car through an open carrier. However, it varies from one company to another a lot, even shipping your car to the same city. 

Some companies charge hefty amounts, which makes it challenging to choose. Moreover, many companies get horrible reviews from customers. So, it’s essential to check the price and reviews before selecting a car shipping company. Start by checking the reviews of eShip Transport and get a quote.

Auto Transport for Dummies – Things to Look for Before Selecting a Car Shipping Company

It is better to go with established players when you have to ship your car. It’s because they have the expertise to ensure the shipping of your car without damaging it. But there are many more things to look for in your car shipping company.

  • Check the price offered by the company and match it with other players.
  • It must provide authentic insurance in case the car meets an accident.
  • The drivers are insured.
  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • Option to track vehicle.

Why is eShip an Excellent Choice for Auto Transport for Dummies? 

At eShip, we charge only a fair price for the service, but without compromising the safety of your car. Our network of professional transporters has modern tools and strapping methods that enable us to provide better service at a reasonable price. However, there are many more benefits of shipping your car with us.

  • We charge zero upfront fees.
  • Provide a personal agent to help you throughout the process of shipping.
  • We have the option of expedited shipping.
  • We ship your car using only the fully insured and bonded carriers.
  • Compensation of up to $300 if we fail to deliver your car within 48 hours from the quoted time.

Believe in the Best – Get your Free Quote

Auto-transporting for dummies can be challenging. But if you schedule shipping with a trusted company, you will not have to face the hassle of tracking or communicating with the carrier. eShip allocates a personal agent to you to help you update the shipping process. Schedule a quote now.

Auto Transport for Dummies - Best Tips
Auto Transport for Dummies - Best Tips