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Closed Vehicle Transport Benefits for Motorcycles and Classic Cars

Do you need to Ship your antique, luxury, and classic cars or motorcycles? You’ll need the vehicle shipping service that will safely deliver your vehicle to its destination. The type of auto shipping you use will impact the quality of service you receive, depending on your situation and vehicle condition. Car shipping using enclosed auto transport is the most specialized mode of transportation provided by many auto transport companies. When you demand nothing but the best car shipping service for your classic cars and motorcycles, enclosed car shipping from eShip Transport is the way to go! Are you interested to know more about closed vehicle transport benefits for motorcycles and classic cars? Hopefully, this article will help you make a smart decision while deciding about transporting your antique, luxury, and classic cars from one place to another.

Enclosed transport offers the best protection for vehicle shipping. Your vehicle will be completely protected from all the exterior elements and harsh weather conditions that an open carrier would typically be exposed to. We need to know more about antique, luxury, and classic car shipping and how we specialize in vehicle transportation using an enclosed auto transport? Contact us for a free auto shipping quote



Luxury, antique, or classic car shipping? eShip Transport does it with perfectionLuxury, antique, or classic car shipping? eShip Transport does it with perfection

We understand that we may not look like the top price option for transporting your antique, luxury, and classic cars, but we at eShip Transport are known to offer the best auto transport service. Nationwide car transport or across the country, when you use eShip Transport to transport your motorcycle, classic car, or luxury car, you’ll be assigned a personal agent who will guide you through the entire procedure. 

You will have direct contact with our agent when we pick up your vehicle from your door until it is securely delivered. Your agent will be available and ready to assist you 24/7 with any questions, issues, or simply any update on the status of your vehicle transport. We are an FMCSA licensed and A+ reviewed auto transporter with BBB.

Call (800) 906- 6909Call (800) 906- 6909

Why is auto transport better than driving your car while movingWhy is auto transport better than driving your car while moving

Some customers may wonder why they should use a car shipping service to transport their vehicles across the country. You could, after all, drive your car. 

There are several advantages to using a car transportation service.

  • It is less expensive.

When you consider the expense of gas, rest stops, and motel stays along the road, hiring a trusted auto transporter makes sense. Auto carriers move about 8-10 vehicles in one trailer and split the transportation cost across many clients. Thus, in many cases, you end up paying a lower fee than doing it yourself.

  • It saves time

Driving to your destination could take many days. You’d be better off spending those few days settling into your new home and city and doing things that you love. Additionally, driving can be monotonous. Boredom while driving can be deadly, or at the very least, causing unnecessary accidents and injuries along the way. 

  • Less wear and tear


Driving a few thousand miles across the country could be enjoyable but results in more wear and tear for your vehicle. 



Call (800) 906- 6909 for all your auto transport needs. Call (800) 906- 6909 for all your auto transport needs. 

Is enclosed auto transport worth it?Is enclosed auto transport worth it?

You do not want to export a freshly painted classic car that could potentially arrive scratched from road debris. Motorcycles are known to be less hearty than larger vehicles, and additional security and protection allow them to be better protected on the road. 

Enclosed auto transport offers comprehensive insurance coverage, which will protect your vintage car or motorcycle in the event of damage during transport. Aside from the additional insurance coverage, you’ll want to use an enclosed vehicle carrier because it will help protect your road bike or luxury piece from the weather elements and harsh weather conditions. 

What is the cost to transport a classic car?What is the cost to transport a classic car?

The cost of transporting a classic car largely depends on the distance, timing, and auto transporter you choose. Most of the time, enclosed car carriers are used while transporting a classic car, which is a bit expensive compared to open transport.

Enclosed carriers are more likely to be specialized carriers with a lot of experience handling rare and expensive cars, allowing them to charge more. Compared to an open trailer, shipping a car in an enclosed trailer will be about 50% more expensive. 

Shipping a car less than 100 miles will cost more per mile but typically less overall.  If you are looking at transporting your classic vehicle a longer distance, you can expect to pay less per mile but more overall as the mileage adds up. 

What is Enclosed car shipping?What is Enclosed car shipping?

When your vehicle or motorcycle is transported from one place to another using an enclosed and protected trailer, it is known as enclosed car shipping

Talk about the enclosed car shipping trailers, and you would find that the walls, ceiling, and floor are all solid.  Enclosed trailers provide added security and protection that an open trailer simply can not guarantee.

Is open car transport safe?

On average, open car transport handles 98% of all auto shipping, and it is the industry standard for auto transport companies. When it comes to getting about quickly and safely, using open carrier transport for vehicle shipping is the way to go. 

During the vehicle shipping in an open transport, your vehicle will be safely secured in the open auto trailer, which will be chained and locked. 

A professional auto shipping company such as eShip Transport will take every measure to ensure that no one other than the driver and other authorized persons can access it. 

Call (800) 906- 6909 if you are transporting a classic or luxury vehicle 

Enclosed auto transportation is an excellent option for transporting a motorcycle or a classic vehicle. Trust eShip Transport to offer superior enclosed carrier shipping services for your vehicle.