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Do you need a car shipping service from USA to Canada? Are you looking to know the cost to ship a car to Canada from New York, California, or any other US State? International auto transport from USA to Canada is not difficult if you partner with a professional auto transport company. A reliable and registered auto transport business will meet industry-standard, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act to ensure transporting your vehicle safely to its destination. 

At eShip Transport, we help you discover the best carriers, prices, and auto transport services as per your needs and budget. So whether you’re a Canadian or American, if you need to ship a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, we can assure you the lowest costs and the safest cross-border auto transport. Request a free no-obligation quote for professional open and closed auto transport to Canada.

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International Car Shipping From USA To Canada

Millions of snowbirds from Canada move to warmer states like Florida and Texas during the winters. When the cold is over, they move back and ship their automobiles from the USA back across the Northern border to Canada. While international car shipping from the USA to Canada sounds like a complex job, a professional auto transport company can do it quickly. 

We at eShip Transport ship many cars, trucks, and SUVs across the Canadian border every day. Our dedicated team will help with all the required paperwork and provide the best auto transport for the cost. If you need open and closed transport to Canada, start by requesting a free quote from eShip.

Enclosed Auto Transport To Canada

Are you looking for affordable enclosed auto transport to Canada? You’ve reached the right place. Here you can discover a reliable car transport carrier from thousands of auto transport companies providing open and closed auto transport to Canada. We’ll help you find the best trailer as per your needs and assist you throughout the process. 

Our advanced carrier network has professional auto transport companies that will take care of your vehicle and ensure safe delivery at your location. Be it an SUV, Truck, Motorcycle, or luxury car, trust on eShip to get your vehicle transporter to Canada. Start with an online quote and have peace of mind with bonded and fully insured enclosed auto transporters.

Why Choose Enclosed Trailers for Car Shipping To Canada

Here is why people choose enclosed auto carriers for transporting a vehicle, especially luxury or classic cars, to Canada.

  • Weather Protection

Weather can quickly change from sunny to rainy like cats and dogs. Thus, enclosed auto transport is best to protect your classic car from harsh weather conditions. With this option, your vehicle will be shipped in a closed container to protect against rainwater and dust mixed with the rainwater.

  • Damage Protection

While transporting your vehicle over a long distance, for example, from Florida to Canada, slight mishaps can happen, leading to scratches or dents on your vehicle. Enclosed auto transport reduces the risk dramatically as the vehicles are only handled professionally by a well-trained crew.

  • Peace of Mind

When there is higher security, you’ll automatically be feeling safe and have one less thing to worry about. With peace of mind from the side of your transporter, you can focus on the other critical tasks.

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Open Auto Transport To Canada

When you need cost-effective auto transport from the USA to Canada, eShip Transport’s open auto transport is your best bet. With our open car shipping service, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive expertise in finding the best carrier for safe & fast transportation. With our unmatched customer service and ability to accept payments via multiple options available, you’ll wonder why anyone would ship with any other vehicle transport service. All this and we always have reliable and reasonable costs to ship your vehicle. Request a free quote online!

Why Choose Open Auto Transport Service To Canada

When you choose an open auto transport company, you can expect the process to be much more fast-paced than enclosed transport. Almost half of the transportation in the auto transport industry is made by open carriers, so there are more of them available. Here’s why many choose an open trailer to get a vehicle shipped to Canada.

  • It Is Cost-Effective

Open transport is one of the most economical ways of transporting a vehicle, especially over a long distance.

  • Easily Available

Unlike enclosed auto transport, almost all auto transport companies offer ready-to-go open auto transport services to Canada.

  • Better Visibility

At eShip Transport, we offer both open and enclosed auto transport to Canada, but open auto transport provides better visibility to inspect your vehicle while in transit. Call Us: 800-906-6909

How can I ship a car from USA to Canada?

Be it a classic, customized, or luxury car; it can be easily shipped to Canada with duties or registration. However, a customs broker is needed throughout the process to import a car safely and correctly across the Canadian border. 

Can I send my car to Canada?

Yes, you can transport a car to Canada from the USA provided that you must pay taxes and other duties applicable to import your car through customs. eShip Transport can help you understand the whole process. That’s why so many hire our reliable auto transport company.

How much does it cost to ship a car to Canada?

The cost to ship a car to Canada may vary depending on multiple factors, but distance is the most significant of all. Whether you are transporting a vehicle from Florida, Texas, California, or any other US state, eShip offers open and closed auto transport to Canada at the best cost. Request a free online quote today

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What is the cheapest way to transport a car?

Frankly speaking, open transport is the most economical way to transport a car across the northern Canada border. However, we offer both open and closed auto transport to Canada. You can choose either of them, and we’ll provide the most reasonable cost.

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