eShip The Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Shipping

eShip: The Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Shipping

Are you planning to move to a new state? Do you have a car auction coming up? Are you relocating for work? Whatever the reason, shipping your vehicle across the country can be a daunting task. Fortunately, eShip offers a stress-free solution to all your vehicle shipping needs. 

Founded over a decade ago, eShip has expanded to become a trusted industry leader, providing high-quality transportation services to customers across the globe. Keep reading to learn more about how eShip works, the types of vehicles they ship, the cost of shipping with them, and more.

There are plenty of car shipping companies out there, but eShip has quickly risen to the top of the pack and established itself as one of the best car shipping companies around. With a focus on providing reliable and efficient service, eShip has earned a reputation for excellence among its customers. Whether you’re moving across the country or simply need to transport your vehicle, eShip makes car shipping easy and hassle-free. 

Since its founding, eShip has continued to innovate and improve in order to stay ahead of the competition, cementing its position as the best car shipping company in the business.

When it comes to shipping your car, finding the right carrier can be a daunting task. Luckily, the team at this company has got you covered. They work hand in hand with a network of approved carriers to ensure that you get the best possible rate. Their focus on finding the best car shippers means that you can breathe easier knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. 

These are not just any car shipping carriers either – they are the cream of the crop, known for their reliability and exceptional service. So, whether you’re moving across the country or just need to transport your vehicle, trust these experts to help you find the perfect car shipping carrier for your needs. 

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How eShip Works: 

One of eShip’s unique features is our network of approved carriers. They work with carriers across the country to ensure the best possible rates for their customers. When a customer requests a quote, eShip sends a request to their network of carriers to find out which carriers can provide the best rate. 

Customers can receive a quote either online or by calling the company directly. The final rate is based on a variety of factors, including the distance, the weight of the vehicle, and the type of vehicle. Factors such as vehicle condition, delivery time, and labor cost are also taken into consideration. 

Relocating a vehicle can be a headache, but with eShip’s top-notch auto transport services, the process can be a breeze. eShip offers the best car shippers in the business, with a team of professional transporters dedicated to providing the highest level of service. 

Whether you prefer to fill out an online form or speak directly with one of their knowledgeable representatives, obtaining a quote is easy, and with eShip’s transparent pricing, there are no hidden fees or surprises. Trust eShip to handle your auto transport needs and ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. 

Types of Vehicles eShip Ships: 

eShip can ship just about any type of vehicle, including cars, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. They also provide services for classic and vintage cars, as well as for oversized vehicles. The company’s experience and expertise allow them to handle any vehicle shipping needs you may have.

Cost of Shipping with eShip: 

The cost of shipping a vehicle with eShip varies depending on the type of vehicle and the distance it needs to travel. On average, shipping a car with eShip costs about $1 per mile, but this can vary depending on a number of factors. 

Longer distances are priced based on a per-mile rate, while shorter distances may have a flat fee. eShip requires a deposit to secure your shipping job, but this deposit is applied toward the final cost of shipping. 

The cost of shipping can be impacted by several factors. One such factor is the method of carrier, where open or closed carriers may be chosen depending on the type of vehicle being shipped. Another factor is the distance, where longer distances may result in higher shipping costs. 

Being more flexible with dates can also impact the price, as certain times of the year may see higher demand for shipping services. Finally, the size and weight of the vehicle being shipped can also affect the cost, with larger and heavier vehicles requiring special handling and transportation methods. 

All of these factors come together to help determine the final cost of shipping, making it important to consider them all when planning any shipping needs. 

When it comes to hiring professionals for a job, cost is always a factor to consider. The average costs for these services typically range from $500 to $1,000, which can seem steep to some. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these professionals have the experience and skills necessary to get the job done right. 

If you need a long distance job completed, expect the cost to be a bit higher, typically running from $1,000 to $1,200. Of course, there’s usually a deposit required, ranging from $100 to $200. Ultimately, it’s wise to invest in a reputable professional as opposed to cutting corners with cost and risking getting subpar results. 

Insurance and Protection Plans: 

eShip’s carriers are all required to have insurance, but eShip also offers a Platinum Protection Plan at no additional charge for every shipment. This plan provides coverage for any damage that may occur during transport, giving customers peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is protected. 

Shipping can be a stressful and uncertain process, but at eShip, they strive to take some of the worry out of the equation. That’s why every carrier they work with is required to have insurance, ensuring that your shipment is protected from any potential damage or loss. 

But eShip doesn’t stop there – they take it one step further by including a Platinum Protection Plan with every shipment, at no additional cost to you. This added layer of security offers peace of mind, knowing that your shipment is carefully covered every step of the way. So whether you’re shipping something precious or just need to get something from point A to point B, eShip has got you covered. 

Customer Reviews and Testimonials: 

eShip prides itself on providing excellent customer service and has numerous reviews online to back it up. Many customers comment on the company’s reliability, promptness, and affordability. One customer writes, “I recently used eShip to transport my car across the country, and I was extremely satisfied with their service. They were professional, friendly, and the price was very reasonable.” 


Shipping your vehicle across the country doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. With eShip, you can count on reliable and affordable transportation services. Their network of approved carriers ensures that you’ll get the best possible rate, and their Platinum Protection Plan gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected. 

Whether you’re a car owner, car auction participant, or someone who’s moving, eShip has you covered. Contact them today to receive a quote and start your stress-free vehicle shipping journey.

eShip The Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Shipping
eShip The Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Shipping