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How To Choose The Right Auto Transport Company

The auto transport industry is growing rapidly and it’s becoming increasingly important for consumers to know how to make the right decisions when it comes to selecting a company. From open-air carriers, enclosed auto transport services, and expedited options – there are a variety of avenues that can help move your vehicle from point A to B.

In this article, we will discuss the key elements that go into selecting the perfect auto transport service for you and your vehicle. When looking for an auto transport company there are a few questions that need to be answered before anything else: 

  • What types of services does the firm offer? 
  • Is their fleet suitable for moving my vehicle? Are their prices competitive? 

Once these have been addressed then you can start to compare different companies against each other in terms of cost, coverage, reputation, safety, delivery times, and customer satisfaction. 

Open Air Carriers are one of the most common types of automotive transporters used today. They tend to provide relatively inexpensive shipping rates and offer basic protection against environmental damage. Typically these transporters are only able to carry up to five vehicles at once which means they have limited space on board so you may have difficulty finding availability with them during peak seasons or during holidays. 

Enclosed Auto Transport Services offer a much higher level of protection both from natural elements such as bad weather or contamination from road debris as well as offering additional security measures depending on which type of carrier you opt for (i.e., custom containers). 

The downside with enclosed carriers is that they usually tend to be more expensive than open-air services due to the increased safety features that come with them and also because they often require special loading equipment. 

Expedited Shipping is an added layer of convenience offered by certain providers – allowing you the ability to get your vehicle moved in half the time as traditional methods (or even faster), while still adhering to all applicable laws and regulations regarding shipping goods across state lines or internationally. 

Although this option can be very useful in certain situations, it’s important to understand upfront what type of rates you will be expected to pay for opting for expedited shipping as well as any extra fees associated with it in order not to be surprised by unexpected charges at checkout. 

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Finally, when selecting an auto transport company there should always be thorough research into their credentials including licenses/permits issued by relevant government authorities, insurance policies available from them, customer reviews online & business ratings. 

Additionally, check out any specific requirements based on where & how far they plan on moving your vehicle (for example some countries have certain rules & regulations regarding imported vehicles). 

All these factors combined should give you peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of properly so your car will arrive safely at its destination without hassle or issues down the line. Get started today with eShip easily getting a California car shipping quote.

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