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How Much Does It Cost to Ship Car Coast to Coast – Get the Best Deal with eShip

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Car Coast to Coast?

Often, companies transfer their employees from their office on the east coast to the west coast or vice versa. Some also shift to other cities for their business or children’s education. It requires them to shift their belongings, including the car, around the country, which involves a significant amount. The charges of car shipping vary to a large extent. Moreover, many companies add some hidden charges at the time of delivering the car. It is critical to know the charges beforehand to avoid discrepancies later—eShip charges only a fair amount for the service. Find a fast quote here.


What are the Factors that Affect Car Transporting Cost?

Many factors affect the cost of car transporting. It depends a lot on distance, time of the year, shipping options, and many more. Here is a list of the factors that affect the cost of car transporting.

  • Delivery preference: A flexible delivery option helps in reducing the cost. Schedule your delivery at least 2-4 weeks before to avoid extra charges.
  • Shipping options: Enclosed delivery will cost you much more than open shipping. There are chances of minor scratches or dents if you go for available shipping; however, at eShip, we ensure dent-free shipping even in open shipping
  • Distance: Distance plays a crucial role in the cost of the delivery. The more the distance, the more costly it will be.
  • Time of year: There are times when the car transporting companies are too busy. They charge more from June to August; however, it costs comparatively less from October to December. Unless it is too urgent, don’t ship your car in those months.
  • Vehicle Condition and Size: Vehicle conditions also affect the charges to a large extent. The newer the vehicle, the more are the charges. Also, more extensive and heavier vehicles cost more than lighter and compact ones.

How Does eShip Manage to Offer Excellent Service at a Fair Price?

At eShip, we believe in delivering the best services and maintain long-term association rather than charging the customers once for all. We want every time you think of car shipping, you should remember us. Moreover, we have the necessary equipment which enables us to charge as little as possible. Our available transportation is reliable enough to ship even the most luxurious cars with enclosures. Check the reviews here.

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With eShip, you will get the best deal for shipping your car. Moreover, we ensure the safety of your car and timely delivery. Don’t wait; schedule your car’s shipping in advance and ship your car at the least price. Get a fast quote here or contact us for more details.