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eShip Transport is one of the USA’s premier car transport companies, consistently shipping vehicles around the country for more than a decade. Do you need a car moved across the state lines? Do you want it right now? It may be challenging. Let the professionals handle it.

Whether it is an exotic car, vintage car, a recreational or military vehicle, eShip Transport gets the job done right. Is vehicle safety a concern? No need to worry. We ensure the best protection with eShip’s Platinum Protection Plan! Schedule quick pickup for hassle-free car transport around the country—request a free quote.


What is cross-country car transport?

Cross-country car transport is one of the most demanded services in the auto transport industry. It includes moving a car state-to-state or city to city. eShip Transport employs licensed drivers and professional auto haulers on the job of shipping your vehicle safely to your destinations.

Car transport haulers run about 300-400 miles a day and take anywhere between 1-9 business days to ship a vehicle around the country. While we offer door-to-door car transport in the USA with guaranteed quick deliveries, particular pickup and drop-off points, like Hawaii and Miami, for example, might take longer than usual. To eliminate this, you can get quotes for our expedited car transport.

How much does it cost to ship a car with eShip Transport?

The cost of car transport around the country may vary depending on multiple factors. We at eShip Transport account into a few things before giving shipping quotes to customers. Unarguably, the distance is the first thing to be considered. 

We go through your requirements and come up with the lowest car transport prices possible. So, if you have questions in mind, you can start a conversation with shipping professionals at eShip Transport.

What’s the best way to transport a car around the country?

With eShip Transport, car shipping around the country can be simple like never before. Though we are going to handle all your car transport-related hassle, follow this quick guide for a quick setup.

  • Decide your pickup or dropoff location.
  • Schedule your pickup and deliver
  • Get free car transport quotes.
  • Close the deal
  • Get your picked up and delivered

That’s how eShip Transport streamlines the car transport process.

Get a free car transport quote today!

Whether you don’t want to add extra miles to your odometer or deliver a client’s car, eShip Transport comes with more than a decade of experience in car transport. Harnessing agile methodologies and advanced safety features, we ship your vehicle with the utmost care. Get a free car transport quote today or schedule your pickup now.