eShip On Auto Transport Part Double Decker and Personal Options

On Auto Transport Part 2: Double-Decker and Personal Options

As a continuation of part one, On Auto Transport Part 1: Airplane, Ship, or Railroad Car, we’ll tackle the other auto transport options available for interested customers: double-decker and personal carriages:

Double Deckers

Premium race car transporters, such as those utilized by NASCAR and Indycar teams, are enclosed, tailor-made aluminum trailers featuring two levels.

  1. The top level can accommodate two vehicles, which are elevated for storage using an electric lift gate at the rear of the trailer.
  2. The bottom level is a workshop and can be equipped with storage cabinets and power tools. Additionally, a lounge area for the crew and driver can be incorporated.

Personal Options

Every year, countless cars are moved to fulfill individual requirements, including:

  • Families relocating across the nation
  • Learners attending a university far away from their hometown
  • Snowbirds,” AKA individuals who relocate during winter to the Sun Belt region to enjoy milder temperatures.
  • Business relocation.

In certain circumstances, car owners may require the services of an auto-transport company for a single occasion. And while there are numerous advertisements for transport companies and brokers in phone directories and online, consumers need to understand the distinction between the two.

  • A transport company is responsible for physically picking up and delivering a vehicle, while a broker coordinates the process and outsources the task to one or more transport carriers.

Please take note both auto transport companies and brokers have advantages and disadvantages when working with them.

  • Transport companies offer better control over delivery time and take more responsibility in case of damages or accidents.
  • Brokers provide a wider range of options for faster delivery. Consumers should always verify all references to prevent fraudulent activities or negative experiences.

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Transportation businesses emphasize that they can only move the client’s automobile. Customers cannot fill their cars with clothing, small appliances, or additional parts.

The gas tank must not be full, and typically, car owners need to be present during the pick-up or delivery to finalize the inspection.

Many car owners require regular transportation, leading them to buy their own trailer and towing vehicle. This includes car collectors or enthusiasts who showcase their immaculate cars at auto shows and weekend racers participating in local races.

Many single-car trailers are available in different designs and sizes to accommodate the vehicle, extra parts, and tools. To ensure safe transportation, it is crucial to match the trailer’s weight with the towing capacity of the towing vehicle.

Another way to move a vehicle from one place to another is by driving it yourself. Specialized driveaway companies offer drivers to clients who don’t want to drive or cannot find affordable transport services for their vehicles.

These trustworthy companies carefully select drivers and pair them with customers based on their schedule and desired destination. The drivers do not receive payment and typically have to cover fuel expenses. However, they can use the car for free while traveling nationwide.

Personal car trailers typically possess the aerodynamic effectiveness of a brick. Renowned automobile designer and racer Pete Brock, known for designing the Shelby Daytona Coupe, recently created the Orca an extremely streamlined, lightweight trailer with excellent aerodynamic properties.

  • The front, sides, and bottom are all designed based on race car principles to minimize towing drag. The all-aluminum trailer is named after the dorsal fin that extends along the length of the trailer, a design feature inspired by the classic Bugatti Atlantique.

To Be Concluded

Is it possible for a ship transporting thousands of cars to sink to the bottom of the ocean? Let’s explore the safety and security aspects of this situation in part three: On Auto Transport Part 3: Safety and Security Measures

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