Open and Closed Auto Transport for Trucks and Large Vehicles

After household relocation, auto transport is the second most complex event in one’s life. While several auto transport companies offer car shipping services, it is not easy to find a reliable moving company that offers open and closed auto transport for trucks and large vehicles, such as vans, coaches, trailers, and box trucks. Above all, it is not just about the cost; you also have to look for your vehicle’s protection and timely delivery. While finding a trusted auto transport company is a complex job, eShip Transport can help.

With an extensive car carrier network, which includes bonded and insured enclosed carriers, open car carriers, and other types of carriers, we can help you discover trusted auto transport companies to transport your vehicle with guaranteed security and protection. Whether you need open transport or enclosed car shipping, we’ll get you BBB-accredited, and 5-star rated open and enclosed car shipping companies. To get a free open and enclosed auto transport quote, fill our quote form, call us or request online!




Partner With Trucks and Large Vehicle Auto Transport SpecialistsPartner With Trucks and Large Vehicle Auto Transport Specialists

eShip Transport offers a range of open and closed auto transport for truck and large vehicle transportation. We have an advanced car carrier network that includes professional enclosed auto transport companies and open air carriers to render auto transport for various budgets and types of vehicles. Whether you need enclosed car shipping or open transport, at eShip, we will never disappoint you. We’ll help you understand the difference between open and enclosed car shipping, cost, and time frame and choose the best as per your needs.

Have more questions about open and enclosed auto transport for trucks and large vehicles or any other vehicle? Speak to our experts to find the best moving companies.

What is open and enclosed transport? Everything You  Need To KnowWhat is open and enclosed transport? Everything You  Need To Know

Choosing the right vehicle transportation method starts with deciding how you want your car to be shipped. Do you want to ship a single car in an enclosed container? Is it okay to have your car transported on an open carrier along with other vehicles? The choice is yours and here’s everything you need to know about the open and enclosed auto transport.

Open Auto TransportOpen Auto Transport

Open carriers are trucks that usually haul vehicles, as the name suggests, openly, exposed to the elements and weather. Although open air car carriers are relatively affordable, readily available, and can transport any type of vehicle. There are three main types of open auto transport;

  • Two-level/ Multi Car
  • Single level/Multi-Car carrier
  • Dually Truck With Multi Car Carriers

Pros of Open Auto Transport

  • More affordable than enclosed carry
  • Easily Available
  • Door to door shipping

Cons of Open Auto Transport

  • Exposed to elements like debris
  • Exposed to harsh weather conditions
  • Damage, although unlikely, is more likely to happen on open transport vehicles.

Enclosed Auto Transport

As the name suggests, enclosed auto carriers are fully enclosed trailers providing complete protection to your high end truck or large vehicles. If you decide to ship your truck enclosed, you’re ensuring security and protection at best. Although there are fewer enclosed carriers than open auto transport, eShip can find it for you. Additionally, depending on your vehicle size, enclosed trucks may be more challenging to locate. Speak to our experts before moving to pros and cons.

Types and Enclosed Carriers and pros and cons.

  • Multi-car enclosed carriers
  • Two or single car carriers

Pros and Enclosed Transport

  • Protection from outside elements
  • Complete protection against any weather condition
  • Guaranteed security and protection for high end vehicles

Cons of Enclosed Transport

  • Less Fuel Efficient
  • Your car may arrive later than with open transport
  • It is more expensive than open transport


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How Much Do Trucks and Large Vehicle Transports Cost?

Unlike other auto transport services, oversized auto transport services don’t have a set cost. The cost is determined by several factors, one of which is the distance and size of vehicles. Moreover, some companies will calculate the cost based on the type of method you choose. You can choose enclosed transport to protect your high end vehicles from outer elements or an open air trailer for quick and affordable auto transport. At eShip Transport, we can assure you of the best reasonable cost of auto transport than in the industry. Do you need Open and Closed Auto Transport for Trucks and large vehicles? Request an online quote now?


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What is the difference between open and enclosed car shipping?What is the difference between open and enclosed car shipping?

When dealing with larger vehicles, options may be less readily available when it comes to a locating carrier. This makes having a broker even more necessary! Enclosed auto transport is designed to transport high end vehicles. With only 1-2 cars typically fitting inside one enclosed truck, larger vehicles may not always fit. Meanwhile, in open transport, a car is shipped on an open trailer exposed to dust, debris, and other elements, but there is much more room for larger vehicles. 

What is open carrier car transport?

Open Transport is the most common way to transport a vehicle from one place to another. Your car is loaded on an open carrier in this method, sandwiched between other vehicles, and strapped in tightly. It is less expensive compared to enclosed transport.

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Is enclosed car shipping worth it?

Enclosed transport protects your vehicle against weather and outer elements such as dust, roadside debris, but it comes with a hefty price tag, so, if you have a high end vehicle such as a luxury Mercedes Benz vanity van or Truck, Enclosed Transport is worth every single penny.

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With some new auto transport carriers added to our network, we are now ready to help with the professional open and closed auto transport for trucks and large vehicles. 

Whether you are concerned about the cost of shipping or anything else, call our moving specialists at 800-906-6909 and enjoy hassle-free vehicle transportation.