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Need to ship a vehicle to Alaska?

eShip Auto Transport offers the best price to ship a vehicle to Alaska. Get Alaska auto transport services with eShip Transport to experience top-notch auto transport team with dedicated transport agent monitoring your vehicle being moved to Alaska. We track your vehicle until it is delivered in Alaska at one of our local dedicated pickup locations in the State of Alaska. Or ask for door-to-door transport services to get vehicle delivered to your new doorstep.


Driving through the Al-Can Highway to ship your car from the continental United States isn’t always necessary. Shipping your car to Alaska is a specialized service, and there are a few cost-effective solutions available for customers. Military personnel, ecologists, fishermen, and others transport their cars, trucks, or even motorcycles to Alaska regularly. eShip Transport has a reputation for being prompt, safe, transporting at a reasonable price to ship a vehicle to Alaska with quality auto transport. eShip walks you through every step of the transport process.

The Alaska car shipping division at eShip Auto Transport is one of the best and trusted service providers of car transport services to and from all major ports in Alaska. Our Alaska auto shipping services are available at all ports in the State of Alaska. We are happy to provide an easy way to get around the state and the country. Find out more about our Alaska shipping services at our website and find the best options in Alaska to get a car shippedeShip Transport also offers door-to-door and terminal-to-door services. Contact us to request a free quote now. 

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Shipping a car to AlaskaShipping a car to Alaska

The process of shipping your car to Alaska can be arranged from any city in the USA. To begin with, an eShip’s auto shipping company will pick up your car from the address you provide and ship your car to a port in Washington state. After that, the vehicle can be shipped on Alaska’s auto transport or a water vessel from the port. Keep in mind that there are two options when shipping your car to Alaska:

  1. Standard inland car shipping services, door-to-door, all the way to Alaska via an auto transport carrier.
  2. Shipping process via a vessel from the port in Washington to the port in Anchorage AK.

eShip Auto Transport makes shipping a car to and from Alaska and other difficult shipping states, like Hawaii simple. Our Alaska auto transport service is dependable and cost-effective, providing excellent value to customers who need to transport their cars, pickup trucks, or SUVs. Our trained Alaska car transport handlers will transport your vehicle safely and with the utmost care to Alaska.

eShip can also provide car shipping services to Seattle and Southeast Alaska, Central Alaska, and Hawaii regularly and seasonal service to Western Alaska.


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How to prepare your vehicle for Shipping to Alaska?How to prepare your vehicle for Shipping to Alaska? 

If you’re shipping a vehicle with personal goods in it, make sure you have an inventory list with a detailed description ready. Personal belongings weighing up to 100 pounds are allowed to be loaded into the car for free.

When shipping a car to Alaska, we recommend that you plan your shipment as soon as possible, ideally two weeks ahead. We constantly warn early birds that pricing can fluctuate in 30-days.

Early booking may not always imply lesser pricing. Demand and availability, and other factors determine the final price to import an automobile to Alaska, and daily swings do occur.

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What is the cost of shipping a vehicle to Alaska?What is the cost of shipping a vehicle to Alaska?

Many people believe that Alaska car shipping costs are solely determined by distance or vehicle type. However, the cost of shipping a car to Alaska may fluctuate depending on availability and demand, seasonality, vehicle make and model, carrier type, whether the car is running or not, and, of course, the entire distance.

We at eShip Auto Transport Company offer regular car shipping between the ports of Anchorage and Tacoma, with a standard travel time of 66-72 hours. This is, of course, an industry standard with auto shipping companies and dependent upon weather and road conditions. Features like an efficient roll-on/roll-off system expedite loading and unloading at the time of vehicle shipping. We are dedicated to saving you time and money if you choose to ship your car with us. We ensure that your motorcycles and personal vehicles arrive in Alaska safely and effectively.

What is the most cost-effective way to ship a car across the country?What is the most cost-effective way to ship a car across the country?

The open car hauler option is the most cost-effective way to ship a vehicle to Alaska. It’s quicker and cheaper than the enclosed hauler. However, the one downside is that since it’s in an exposed hauler, your car will experience all sorts of temperature and weather changes in transit.

This means it may be worth spending a little extra to send a car to Alaska. For that reason, do note that whichever way you choose to ship a car from Alaska, your vehicle will be fully insured. Damages very rarely occur, but they are much more common in open transport than enclosed. Either way you choose, both the open or enclosed option is worth it.

What is the cost to ship a car up to 1500 miles?

The cost to ship a car long-distance, let’s say up to 1500 miles depends on many variables. The cost per mile will be lower, but the overall cost would be higher than a short-distance haul. Auto transport prices depend on the service you use to ship your vehicle, distance travelled, vehicle details, and timing of your shipping date. 

If you need to ship a vehicle to Alaska, eShip Transport is the auto transporter trusted by millions in the USA.

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Do you need your vehicle to be transported to Alaska? Call(800) 906- 6909 for a reliable Alaska car shipping company. At eShip Transport, we’ve grown into one of the most trusted vehicle shipping companies in the United States over the last ten years.