What to Ask Before Hiring an Auto Transport Company

Preparation Tips When Hiring Auto Transport Services

When hiring auto transport services, it is important to hire an experienced and reliable auto transport company well in advance. This is because auto transport companies usually require advance notice to coordinate and arrange the transport of a vehicle

You may believe that it is always possible to arrange auto transport and that you can count on prompt, dependable service. Even if this is certainly the case in some circumstances, it is still advised to contact a vehicle shipping firm as soon as possible.

How Do Vehicle Exports Operate?

When a customer’s in need of hiring auto transport services, they first contact a business that provides this service. Customers can use this service for their needs. The customer and the service provider will then select how the car will be transported.

When hiring auto transport services, the shipping company arranges for a carrier truck to pick up the car at the customer’s specified location after the agreement has ended. The carrier truck safely delivers the car to the customer’s specified location.

Dealing with a reputable business guarantees that the procedures for obtaining a price, signing a contract, and scheduling pickup and delivery will be simple and clear. We designate you as a personal shipping agent to ensure you receive the first-rate assistance and car shipping service you deserve.

Your shipping agent will be by your side from the beginning to the end of your shipping. At eShip, our sole goal is to move your car quickly, safely, and effectively.

The following are the most significant justifications for not waiting until the very last minute:

Have Enough Time to Prepare Your Documents

This belongs to the previous group as well. To send your car, you’ll need to obtain certain papers. Be prepared to buy more papers if you’re sending anything overseas. After all, you must ensure your car has all the required paperwork to pass through home and foreign customs.

If not, the process will be significantly delayed, and you risk paying astronomical fines and costs.
If you reserve in advance, you can get the required paperwork, making the experience more enjoyable, stress-free, and maybe less expensive.

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Prevent Delays

Most of the time, unless you want to pay a significant cost hiring auto transport services, it won’t be possible to transport your car within 24 hours. A carrier typically takes a few days or weeks to locate and pick up your car once you arrange for auto transportationThat takes longer than you might anticipate once you account for the time spent traveling.

Thankfully, eShip offers expedited car shipping and allows for quick and easy reservations. 

Residing in a remote area may lead to significantly longer delays. It will be more probable that your automobile will arrive when it is convenient for you if you make a reservation in advance.

Also, before embarking on a journey, carriers often reserve a predetermined number of car spaces. If you make a last-minute reservation, they might not have enough seats set aside.
Your auto transport company will have a much better chance of getting your car on the road as quickly as possible if you make a reservation in advance.

When hiring auto transport services you must make your reservation two weeks before you need the automobile delivered. Three weeks is even better!

Improve Your Rating

Waiting until the very last minute may inconvenience you more than necessary. When hiring auto transport services, booking far in advance allows you the time to check prices possibly a few weeks or even a month before your trip.

You can compare price quotes from various brokers to see which provides the best service, value, and projected delivery time. If you wait until the last few days, you might not have as much time to compare prices and you’ll end up paying more.

Prevent delays, book in advance! Use the free shipping cost calculator below to get started!


You should hire auto transport services as far in advance as possible. This will ensure that you get the best rate and have ample time to plan for vehicle transport. When selecting a transport company, it is important to consider its reputation, insurance coverage, and customer service record.

Researching and comparing auto transport companies in advance can help you make an informed decision and ensure a successful experience.

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What to Ask Before Hiring an Auto Transport Company
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