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When you need an Edmonton auto transport service, eShip Transport is ready for your call. Most of us have had the experience of moving to a new city. Maybe you are changing jobs, moving your business, moving closer to your child’s educational institution, or maybe you need a change. 

Regardless of the reason, one of the biggest concerns while moving to a new city is how to ship your vehicle. Safety is the most significant thing you need to consider when choosing an auto transporter

Choosing a random vehicle shipping service can be disastrous as many simply don’t take care of your vehicle as they should. So, where do you look to find a reliable Edmonton auto transport company

The best way is to look for an Edmonton vehicle transport company that is licensed & bonded by FMCSA. eShip Transport is a top-rated company with an authentic license. We are fully licensed and bonded by the FMCSA and have years of experience being Edmonton’s car carrier or choice! 

eShip has been rated among the top three car transporting companies in this region. Check our services.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Company for Edmonton Auto Transport

Aside from licensing, there are many other shipping services you should consider before choosing a vehicle shipping carrier. Reliability and timely service go without saying, but knowing shipping options can save you time, stress, and money. When choosing a company, 

  • there should not be any upfront fees or hidden fees.
  • the company must use only bonded and insured carriers.
  • the option of tracking vehicles throughout the transport should be available.
  • Do you want door-to-door service?
  • Do you prefer the Enclosed or open auto transport option?
  • Will your vehicle transport company offer reimbursement for delayed shipment?
  • Are they licensed under FMCSA?

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How to Make Car Transporting Affordable?

Transporting your vehicles involves a significant amount of money. You should look for the most affordable option providing the service you require with the options you’d prefer. How can you ensure you are paying a fair price? 

Honestly, there are some car shipping tips and tricks that can help you save money! Did you know that shipping your vehicle costs you more during the summer season and on the weekend? 

If possible, avoid the months of May, June, and July if you don’t want to pay an extra amount. Apart from this, planning your move 2-3 weeks in advance will cost you the least. Needing a car shipping expert immediately is not cheap. 

Furthermore, some auto shipping companies have hidden charges. Getting a free quote from a reputable company is the best way to avoid hidden charges. It also helps you compare the cost between different companies. 

It is almost impossible to provide an accurate quote without your vehicle’s specific information, so any company providing a quote without your specific vehicle specifications is probably not to be trusted!

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Advantages of Choosing eShip Transport for Edmonton Auto Transport

eShip Transport has been rated a five-star car transporter by previous customers. Spending years in car shipping has exposed us to different situations. It has helped us gain experience in how to ship a car safely. 

We have teamed up with the best carriers with a proven track record of moving vehicles free from damage. We have been among the top three car transporting companies in the USA and Canada. The Better Business Bureau has rated us A+ for our services. Moreover, we don’t charge a hefty amount for excellent service. 

Call us at 800-906-6909 for the most reliable Edmonton auto transport.

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Choose the Most Reliable and Affordable Edmonton Auto Transport Company

eShip has always held customer satisfaction as the top priority. It has helped to ensure excellent service over the years. You can check the testimonials. Don’t look elsewhere; schedule your move earlier and get a free quote for the most affordable car shipping.

Whether traveling across Canada or internationally, eShip is the top vehicle transport provider in Edmonton!