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Follow This Checklist for Successful Jet Ski Shipping

Jet ski shipping is a complex task that requires careful planning and execution. Whether you’re moving to a new location or shipping your watercraft to a client, following a checklist can help ensure a successful and stress-free transport process.

Here is a comprehensive guide on the key steps to consider when shipping your jet ski:

Research Shipping Companies

The vital initial step in process of successful jet ski shipping is to research companies that specialize in jet ski transportation. Look for reputable companies with a proven track record of successful shipments.

Check reviews and ratings for the jet ski shipping company you’re considering through Consumer Affairs and Google to get a glimpse of their reliability and customer satisfaction.

Obtain Quotes

Once you have a list of potential shipping companies, obtain quotes from each of them. The quote should include transportation costs of jet ski shipping, insurance coverage, and any additional fees related to the shipment.

Compare the quotes and choose the best jet ski shipping company that offers the best value for your money. We know that comparing quotes from other companies can sometimes be a daunting process. That’s why at eShip, we’ve made it easy. Just enter a few quick details below and in moments you’ll receive a quick and free jet ski shipping quote.

Prepare Your Jet Ski

Before shipping your jet ski, there are several steps you need to take to be confident that it is ready for transport. First, empty the fuel tank to prevent any leaks during transit.

Remove any loose items or accessories from the watercraft, such as fishing gear or a cooler. Then, disconnect the battery and wrap it in protective material to prevent damage.

Secure Transportation

After you have chosen a jet ski shipping company and prepared your jet ski, it’s time to schedule transportation. Confirm the pickup and delivery dates and times and make sure that someone is available to receive the shipment at both ends.

Provide the shipping company with detailed information about the pickup and delivery locations, including any access restrictions or special instructions.

Inspect Your Jet Ski

Before your jet ski is loaded onto the transport vehicle, inspect it thoroughly for any signs of damage. Take photos of the from all angles to document its condition before shipping your jet ski.

Make a note of any existing scratches, dents, or other imperfections so that you can compare it with the condition of the jet ski upon delivery.

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Choose Insurance Coverage

While most shipping companies offer insurance coverage for your jet ski during transport, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the policy. Make sure that the coverage is sufficient to cover the full value of your watercraft in the event of damage or loss.

Monitor the Shipment

During the transport process, it’s important to stay in touch with the shipping company to track the progress of your jet ski. Ask for updates on the status of the shipment and any potential delays or issues.

Make sure that the transportation vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking so that you can monitor the location of your watercraft in real time.

Receive Your Jet Ski

Upon delivery, inspect your jet ski once again to ensure that it has arrived in the same condition as when it was shipped. Compare the photos you took before shipment with the current condition of the watercraft.

If there are any signs of damage, document it with photos and notify the shipping company immediately.


Shipping a jet ski requires careful planning and attention to detail. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are aware of the crucial steps that need to be taken all throughout the shipment process. By following this checklist, you can ensure a successful and stress-free transport process.

If you’re looking for jet ski transport services, eShip is here to help! We’re a full-service auto transport service provider that offers a wide range of shipping services, including open and enclosed auto transport, motorcycle transport, RV transport, and boat transport. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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