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Vehicle Transport USA Services – Choose the Right Company

People move to a new city for jobs, a child’s education, or to settle down after retirement. In the last few decades, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people moving to a new city. About 31 million people moved to a new place in 2019. Thus, vehicle transport in the USA has also increased, and new companies have joined the car shipping business. So, it’s not easy to choose the right one. You may be tempted to go for the companies offering a lower price. But, is every car shipping company reliable? Not really; eShip Transport is a renowned car shipping company that provides guaranteed satisfaction on car shipping.


How to Prepare Your Vehicle to Ship with A Car Shipping Company?

When you ship your car with an auto shipping company, they take all the hassles so that you can utilize your time for other important work. However, there are a few things you need to do to ensure safe vehicle transport in the USA.

  • Wash your vehicle correctly so you can see if there is any damage
  • Remove all of your electronic accessories and unnecessary cables/chargers
  • Disable the alarm
  • Don’t put fuel in the tank
  • Check if there is any leakage
  • Lock the car
  • Check the pressure in the tires

Essential Things to Look for Before Selecting a Vehicle Shipping Company

Nobody likes a dent or scratch on the car, but shipping your car to a new city can cause minor dents to a noticeable scratch. In many cases, the car is poorly damaged during transportation. So, safety is the first thing you have to notice, and for that, checking the company’s track record is essential. You can check how previous customers rate your services. Check what our previous customers say about our service. Another critical factor is to check if the company has a valid license. Licensed car shippers are more reliable. Check the company’s license number here.

How Does eShip Transport Make Vehicle Shipping a Pleasant Experience?

eShip Transport has more than ten years of experience in vehicle transport in the USA. We have experts who strap your car properly to avoid any damage. Once you schedule your shipping, it is our responsibility to deliver your car to the new city at the right time. We provide a personal customer relationship manager to update you on the status regularly. Moreover, our free insurance plan provides cover in case of any damage. Check the services we offer.

Choose eShip for a Smooth Experience

eShip moves your car at the best price without compromising the quality of service. We understand the importance of time. So, we provide compensation of up to $300 in case of any unintended delay. So, stop looking elsewhere and get your free quote here.