Open Car Shipping vs Enclosed Car Shipping Service

What are the different options available for shipping a car? – eShip Transport

If you are relocating across the state lines or around the country, transporting your car can become a big issue. You may wonder, is it possible for you to drive the car in and through the vast distance? Yes, but it may bring heavy losses on your end. From toll taxes, refreshments to the fuel cost and motel stay – it will add extra dollars to your budget.

Therefore, hiring auto transport companies make sense. eShip transport, one of the most trusted auto transport companies in the United States, has a wide range of car shipping services to offer. Here are some most popular shipping options we are offering. If you are stressed about the cost of shipping, get a free shipping estimation now.


Open transport relieves the stress on your budget.

Open transport is the most common method of transporting cars, as it comes with two significant advantages. Firstly, it operates at low costs, as the trailer is lightweight. Moreover, the carriers can transport multiple cars at a time. Secondly, open carriers are a lot more common than their enclosed counterparts.

So, if you have a car to move, you can rely on eShip for getting a low-cost budget. You can quickly request a free car shipping quote today.

However, there’s an issue with this mode of transport. The car is exposed to dust, dirt, and debris on the road. There are possible chances of getting warped in a brown layer of dust or incurring minor damages (well, the risk factor never exceeds 5%).

Enclosed transport gives your car the premium protection

If you wish to transport your car, and it happens to be a luxury vehicle with low clearance, or it is an antique vehicle, or a collector’s item, then enclosed transport remains the only option to deliver it safely. Enclosed transport can be slightly more expensive than open carriers, but it will fully safeguard your precious vehicle. You can get a free shipping quote here.

eShip provides you with two types of enclosed transport –

  1. Hard side with hydraulic lift.

We use a hydraulic lift to put the car in place, and it reduces any incidence of damage to the car during the loading and unloading process. The container, which carries the car, has hard metal sides. It protects the car against any element of dust, rain, sun damage, or abrasion of the surface due to road grime.

  1. Soft side with regular ramp.

It is slightly more economical to consider this option than the one with hard sides and a hydraulic lift. The trailer is lighter, and it is usually covered on all the sides using a heavy tarp. Now, the tarp is attached to the trailer, with ropes pulled in through its eyelets. Because of the existing gaps and holes in the tarp, dust and dirt may sweep in.

Expedited transport works well for the time-bound hauls

Not all companies offer you expedited car shipping services. But eShip is determined to help its customers in every way possible.

There are instances when time becomes the crucial factor upon which a situation can lead up to a good end or fall back to its worse. And you are in an immediate hurry to have your car transported to a particular destination, at any cost. Actually, take the last phrase literally. Because sometimes, we come across people who are willing to pay any amount just for their cars to be quickly transported to the desired locations.

The overall cost varies depending upon the weather conditions and time strain. Plus, the availability of load on the return journey can also affect the cost. But contact us, and we can negotiate to procure the best possible rates for you.

eShip can help you find a reliable and insured carrier on short notice who is willing to cover long distances, driving with the required speed, and practicing absolute safety.