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Shipping your car internationally is a complex process and comes with its difficulties, including paperwork, customs, and license required for overseas export. Apart from these, there are plenty of legal and logistics hurdles in between.

In terms of the car delivery process, the main difference between continental and international auto transport services is that transport companies must be able to safely transport overseas vehicles, usually by train or ship freight.

Both methods of shipping a car overseas have their pros and are often assisted by the standard auto transport company on any end of a delivery from inland to port or vice versa. 

Ship freight is typically an expensive option for international car shipping and is reserved for sport, luxury, and classic cars. When safety must be the topmost priority, you can trust eShip Transport—the best car shipping company. With an advanced car carrier network, we ensure the safest delivery of your vehicle.

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Easy & Fast International Auto Transport Services From USA

When shipping your car from the USA to overseas locations, choosing the right international car shipping company is crucial. Besides affordable pricing, you need to make sure that the auto transport company provides excellent insurance coverage and that all the drivers follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

At eShip Transport, we have the best shipping companies to handle your overseas car shipping. With our experts, you will get multiple shipping services, including shared containers, enclosed shipping, container shipping, and ship freight. Many variables affect the cost of auto transport, use our online calculator to get the average shipping cost. Follow these tips to assure a smooth auto-shipping experience.


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Ship A Car Overseas At Affordable RatesShip A Car Overseas At Affordable Rates

Costs of international car transport may vary greatly depending on which international car shipping company you’re getting quotes from.

At eShip Transport, we discover the most affordable car transport companies to ship your car internationally. While we quote the most reasonable price, shipping costs may vary depending on the time of year, weather, the make and model of your vehicle, and the type of shipping services you choose. 


Documents Required For Worldwide Auto TransportDocuments Required For Worldwide Auto Transport

Paperwork is perhaps the most challenging phase of international auto shipping, which is why most people prefer hiring professional shipping services. Though each country or port has a unique requirement, the most common list of requirements for international car shipping includes;


  • Keys of your vehicle
  • Title and registration
  • Creditor/Lessor Notarized Statement
  • Photo ID
  • Country-Specific Car Export Documentations


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What Are The Shipping Methods For Overseas TransportWhat Are The Shipping Methods For Overseas Transport

If cost is not your prime concern, you can choose either of the shipping methods, including enclosed, door-to-door, and expedited. Each of these methods is unique and has its own pros. Enclosed auto shipping is the best for classic and luxury cars as it provides extra protection with its fully-covered containers or a car carrier.

If you are leaving for an event and need your car right there at your new location, expedited auto transport is the most convenient option. It’s a little expensive, but the safest shipment is guaranteed. Both enclosed and expedited auto transport for cars often involve roro “roll on/roll off” service.

Your vehicle is often driven on and off while in transition; thus, you’re recommended not to put logistics.


How much does it cost to transport a car internationally?

The cost of international auto transport services is primarily based on three factors:

  1. Origin of The Vehicle
  2. Size-Dimension
  3. Destination Of The Vehicle

Suppose you are shipping a vehicle from the east of California, for example, to Canada, in a shared container. That cost would- in almost all cases- be significantly less than internationally shipping it in its own container.


How can I get my car shipped overseas?

We offer three types of overseas car shipping services, enclosed, open, and expedited. Two most popular methods of shipping a car: RoRo and container shipping, can be availed with either of these services.

The majority of overseas cars shipment is delivered by RoRo method, but there are benefits of container shipping. Whether you choose Roro or container shipping, we provide a price lock guarantee and comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure safety.


Can you transport cars across the world?

Yes, we can transport your vehicle internationally. Unlike domestic shipping, however, international car shipping is a complicated process and involves quite a bit of additional paperwork.

Besides overseas shipping licenses to export a vehicle and paperwork and various methods of loading and shipment, more legal and logistics can create hurdles. However, our team at eShip can help you as we are the most reliable international car shipping company to ship your car internationally. Learn about the overseas shipping fees here


How long does it take to ship a car internationally?

Depending on the origin and destination, the time it takes to ship a car internationally on average is around 2-3 weeks. The majority of shipping companies operate from port to port, and their shipment timing might vary from a company that ships your car directly from point A to B. It is also referred to as door-to-door shipping.

The best way to estimate how long it will be for your specific international auto shipping needs to be completed is to contact eShip and get a quote, as international vehicle shipping times vary considerably. 


Why Choose eShip For International Auto Transport

eShip Auto Transport has repeatedly ranked among the top 3 in the National Consumer Affairs ranking. We offer easy & fast international auto transport services from the USA to Canada and ports of Hawaii and Texas, among others. If you are looking for the best car shipping company USA to Canada, eShip Transport is a great option for reliable and affordable International transportation of cars.

From paperwork to timely deliveries, we handle international shipping the best. Also, we provide you with all the in-demand shipping options to choose from as per your shipping needs.

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