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Who Can Move Cars from Coast to Coast?

How to Move Cars from Coast to Coast 

Auto transport companies are the best way to move cars from coast to coast as driving thousands of miles is extremely difficult. But with too many Car shipping companies around, it’s not easy to choose the right one. Selecting the wrong auto transporting company can add to your problem rather than solve it.

You can pay a hefty amount or get a damaged car. To avoid those situations, you need to choose the car transporter carefully. eShip Transport is the most reliable auto shipping company. It has the right human resources and equipment to ensure your car’s safe transportation from one coast to another at the most affordable cost. Check our services here.

Using eShip to Move Cars from Coast to Coast Easily:

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Why is Shipping Your Car Directly Through Car Carrier Not a Great Option?

You may consider shipping your car directly through a car carrier. However, you won’t get professional services with them. Most car carriers don’t have an online presence, so you will find it difficult to reach them. 

Moreover, they won’t provide you with the option to track your car when you move cars from coast to coast most times. Apart from this, the drivers or laborers will rarely take care of your car like a professional car shipping company. Another disadvantage of moving cars through car carriers directly is they hardly have organized customer service.

Things to Look for in Auto Transport Companies While Shipping Coast to Coast

When you consider shipping the car from one coast to another, you should check a few things to ensure picking up the best auto shipping company. Here are the things you must check before scheduling your car shipping.

  • There should not be any upfront or hidden charge
  • The car transporter must provide a valid insurance
  • Option to track vehicle is a must
  • Use only licensed and bonded carriers
  • Option of door-to-door, enclosed, and expedited shipping
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Provide reimbursement for the delay in delivering the car
  • Maintain an A+ BBB Rating

How Much Do Auto Companies Charge for Moving Car Coast to Coast?

Charges for car shipping vary to a large extent from company to company. While one company can provide you with inexpensive service, another may charge you a hefty amount.

Moreover, the charges depend on various factors. Shipping your car to a distance of 2500 miles will cost anything between $1500 to $2500. The cost of fuel, time of the year, and other factors also affect the charges. Get a fast quote to check and compare the cost with eShip Transport.

Schedule Your Car Shipping in Advance to Avoid Extra Charges

Car shipping costs you more when you book at the eleventh hour. You can save a significant amount if you schedule your booking about two weeks in advance. Don’t waste time; get a bond-free quote now.

Move Cars from Coast to Coast with eShip
Move Cars from Coast to Coast with eShip