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Shipping a car over a long distance requires a reliable and cost-effective auto car transporter. There are so many auto shipping companies available. However, not every car shipping company is trustworthy. When the vehicle is shipped over a long distance, such as auto transport Quebec CA to US, there is always a chance of damage to your vehicle. Therefore, you need a car transporter that has a proven track record of shipping cars safely. eShip Transport has been rated five stars by its customers. If you are looking for auto transport from Quebec CA to US, eShip Transport is the best option for reliable and affordable car shipping options. Check our auto transport services here.




Enclosed or Open Auto Transport to Ship Your Car from Quebec CA to US

Enclosed or Open Auto Transport to Ship Your Car from Quebec CA to US

When you have to ship a car over a long distance, the chances of damage can be high, especially with unprofessional drivers or untrustworthy auto transport companies. It is important to choose your car shipping professionals carefully.  Regardless of carrier, vehicle transport options can help save your vehicle from damage. Transport options are enclosed or open. Enclosed provides more protection for your vehicle but is more costly than open shipping. Open auto transport typically results in zero damage, but cars may arrive at their destination with a layer of road grime on the outside. Which option you choose largely depends on the vehicle you have. If you have a luxurious and expensive car, it’s better to use an enclosed shipping option because there will be dust while moving a long distance. Moreover, with enclosed shipping, the chances of scratch or dent are negligible. If you have an average car and want the most affordable car shipping option, choosing open auto transport can be the better choice.

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How Much Does Auto Transport from Quebec CA to US Cost?

How Much Does Auto Transport from Quebec CA to US Cost?

Shipping your car across Canada can cost a significant amount of money, depending on your chosen options. Many auto transport companies charge a hefty amount for transporting your vehicle from Quebec, CA to the USA because it is an international auto transport. Shipping a car internationally means increased paperwork and transport know-how. It’s essential to get an idea of how much it will cost to ship your car; however, the charges of auto shipping companies vary to a large extent based upon the options chosen, your specific vehicle, and if the company is trustworthy or not. Additionally, some companies have hidden charges. With eShip Transport, you get a price lock guarantee as there are no hidden charges. We also ensure that your vehicle is shipped with the greatest amount of care and consideration, regardless of whether you are shipping a brand new truck or a unique antique.

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Why Choose eShip Transport?

Why Choose eShip Transport?

eShip Transport has been shipping vehicles for years. We know how to transport vehicles across a long distance safely. Here are the advantages of choosing eShip Transport for auto Transport from Quebec CA to US.

  • No upfront or hidden charges
  • Door to door service
  • Insured and bonded drivers
  • Personal agent to keep you updated
  • Expedited and enclosed transport option available
  • Rental reimbursement of up to $300 in case of more than 48 hours delay
  • Licensed and bonded by FMCSA
  • Accredited by Better Business Bureau

Schedule Your Move with the Most Trusted Auto Transporter

eShip Transport’s car shipping services are second to none! When you choose eShip as your auto transport company, you choose to have a team with years of experience behind you every step of the way throughout your vehicle transport. Our team is fast, efficient, and can handle almost any vehicle you need to have shipped across Canada. Regardless of your destination, call us and know you have chosen a quality auto transport company!

We Make Auto Transport From Quebec CA to US Hassle-free. Shipping your vehicle over a long distance requires a trustworthy company. eShip Transport is a BBB accredited car transporter with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Don’t wait, plan your move now. Get a free quote here.

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